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Discipleship Training Overview

Previously known as Sunday School, Discipleship Training is a weekly activity most of us have participated in over the years no matter what church we were attending.  MCC has followed the lead of other churches and changed the name of this Sunday morning ministry in an effort to increase participation and assist in the spreading of God’s Word.  A rather common misnomer is or was that Sunday School is only for the younger generation and not as important for adults.  However, most everyone can grow spiritually through weekly group learning sessions on how God wants us to live our daily lives and better lead others to the Saving Knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ.   

At Maxdale Cowboy Church, we presently have five different DT classes each Sunday morning to help both children and adults search for God’s Plan for living the entire week, not just Sunday mornings.  Our classes use various methods of promoting study, improving relationships with others, and learning about God’s Word.  Some are guided by contemporary literature, others use books by renowned Christian authors, and still others rely on the teacher’s creativity as an organized plan each week. 

NOTE: Infants and 1 year olds are cared for in the Nursery 10 AM > 12 Noon each Sunday which is part of Children’s Church.  See Sharon Daggs – Children’s Church Director for more details.

Discipleship Training Classes include:

Pre-School Class – (2 > 3 years old) Linda Branham

God’s Little Ropers – (4 years > 5th Grade) Mary Stewardson & Mary Jo Kersey

Youth – (6th  >  12th Grade) Keith/Michelle Curb & Stanley/Kathy Housewright

Quest Class – (For young/young at heart adults) Todd Chafin & Bro Joe Daggs

Adult Class – (Mature Adults) Billy Curb


The wide age spread in our present children & youth classes is dictated by our very limited classroom space.  As we move into the new church facility, we plan to add more classes in order to enable each participant to feel more comfortable relating to each other and discussing their own personal experiences to the class.  This is an “advance notice” that we will be needing more teachers.  Please pray for God’s guidance in the recruitment of these additional teachers plus substitutes for each area.


Woody Hall – Christian Education Director