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Simple Truth in Complicated Times


  •       MCC Service Recording: June 16
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Discipleship Training Overview

At Maxdale Cowboy Church, we attempt to reach all ages from birth through adulthood with meaningful age-appropriate classes. These classes attempt to demonstrate the love, mercy, and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Church Sanctuary is available for Individual Prayer Time from 8:45-9:40 AM. Pastor Joe encourages all who are interested to take advantage of this quiet prayer opportunity before Sunday School begins. A snack type breakfast is also provided in the Fellowship Hall during this hour. A bell will ring at 9:40 AM indicating that everyone should make their way to class. All classes start promptly at 9:45 AM. A second bell will ring at 10:40 AM signaling that teachers have 5 minutes to complete their lesson and dismiss class for the Worship Hour which begins at 11:00 AM.

In aligning with our church’s mission statement, our focus is to bring the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ to all who are lost and to disciple God’s children in their daily walk with Christ. It is never too early to start! In Luke 18:16 (HCSB) Jesus extends an invitation "Let the little children come to Me, and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these"

Childlike faith is the basics. A child can detect good and evil instinctively. Children love and pray wholeheartedly. Children are precious gifts from our Lord Jesus Christ and we count it a blessing to be able to care for them and serve them through the ministering of God’s Word. We also recognize that when parents find a comfortable and caring environment for their children, it is easier for them to trust that their children are safe. This allows for their focus to be turned toward worship and receiving the message from God brought forth in their adult classes. Quest and Adult Classes strive to promote Christian Growth through a variety of biblical sources.

For questions and/or comments concerning our Morning Sunday School Ministry contact Christian Education Director Woody Hall in the church office or by calling 254-462-8548 or emailing woodyh@hot.rr.com.